At Pamper Hamper,nothing gives us more pleasure than to put a smile across the mother-to-be’s face. We’re a one stop destination catering to help you find the perfect gifts to keep her smiling during her nine-month marathon. Backed by research and expertise, we’ve managed to aggregate products that will not only make sure she’s happy, but also keep her engrossed in recreational activities for those monotonous moments during her prenatal stage. Hurdles can be overwhelming at times. We’re here to ease her through it. It’s a long wait. Let’s make it fun for her!


This is the story of Mahek and Tushar (Co-Founder). Two people, leading a happy life together, content with their corporate jobs. Little did they know that their lives were about to take a turn for the best. A spark of happiness in their kindling of life; the news about welcoming a new member in their happy little family changed everything. Like every other woman at this stage of her life, it wasn’t easy for Mahek either. The transformation, albeit exciting, was something that called for prudent attention.

Tushar realized the need to keep her happy, to help her sail past this period without holding on to negative symptoms like mood-swings and the urge to do something fun that is associated with the mundane leave-period. Tushar being away from home for the better half of the day, decided to call up his sister Saloni (Co-Founder) and boy did that work out well!

Saloni helped Tushar plan out a way he could keep Mahek smiling throughout her pregnancy period by pampering her with surprise gifts that kept her happy and busy.

We realized that there are a lot of People like us who face this problem and this motivated us to Start a new Story of Pamper Hamper.

Pamper Hamper offers the kind of happiness every woman deserves during this stage of her life. Where we deliver moments that make a difference in her life.