Hospital Bag-baby products review

Well, hello dear, if you are reading this blog then I would like to congratulate you for you are about to enter the most beautiful phase of your life.

Now, as your due date approaches and the anxiety begins a lot of you might be wondering what should you carry to the Hospital and how to plan your stay.

I am a Mom of a two months old daughter and I have undergone similar dilemma. With my own experience and a lot of research I have complied this list.

1) 3 front open dresses– assuming you have to stay for a minimum of three days in case of normal delivery and more in case of a C – Section. The dress can have  either front buttons or Zip opening. I got pure cotton material from a regular store and got it stitched. Also there are many brands that offer maternity wear, but if you are really not into it, a simple night gown from your usual lingerie store will be extremely comfortable and will do the trick.

2) 4 maternity bras- Ensure that the Bra size in cup and band is one size bigger than your current size. This will be very useful if you have to breast-feed the baby.
Brand- Triumph International- available on Amazon-Extremely comfortable and easy to maintain. Its expensive than some other available brands but you surely can continue wearing them even if you stop breast feeding.

3) Breast pump– This item is a life saver. I had breast engorgement on the second day after delivery and it was very convenient to remove the excess milk. It is will ease the pain immediately and you can also store the milk once you are comfortable with the feeding process. Do sterilize it before you take it to the Hospital.
                       Brand- medela electronic breast pump- available on Amazon 

4) other essentials- bath products for the mother, towel, face wash, small napkins, feeding pillow( start using after 10 days, it will avoid the arm and shoulder pain while you breast feed)

4) Baby products- If like me your hospital stay is for 3 days, then you will require diapers, baby clothes(depending on the weather choose the material), baby swaddle(square 1 metre soft cloth), a small baby soft bed to place inside the hospital crib, bib, mosquito net (I hate using all out or any other mosquito repellent). Its all available on first cry.

Baby shower gel, shampoo, body lotion– I have tried Seba Med, Mama Earth and Mother Care products and I would highly recommend Seba Med products. Even for the most sensitive skin like my daughter it is a beautiful product and after a month you can try other brands and other products depending on the need of your child.

On this note, I would like to end this blog and wish you all a great success in your birthing journey. Always remember a healthy and happy mother is all a child needs and not a perfect mother!!! Love and pamper yourself till the last day, you deserve it all!!!

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