My Famous 5 – Products I love for my baby!!

Helloo Gorgeous,

I am super excited to be sharing my experience of trying different baby products and eventually discovering the Famous Five of my life!! While I am busy writing this blog, I can hear sounds of fire crackers being lit, so I wish you all a very Happy and Prosporous Diwali. Couldn’t resist!! Let me start from the very beginning of this journey and the discovery of Famous Five.

Number 1: The “COZY CRIB”
Like most new Mom’s I really wanted to get a cradle for my daughter, just like my mom had, when I was a baby. But what I was not aware was the fact that once your baby gets used to the cradle, it is very difficult to let your baby sleep one. I had seen parents carrying it even in trains for overnight journeys, at a friend’s place for a night out, or if you are out on a vacation you would still need one.

The very first night at the hospital, my daughter was placed in a secure crib and she slept the entire night. So why not follow the same routine? It may sound like a difficult idea, but trust me, your life will be amazing. Of course, to create any habit it requires patience and persistence, but in the end it is rewarding. Also, your baby will have the habit of sleeping on any flat surface with ease.

I got a custom crib made for my baby, with storage drawers, curved edges and height adjustable to match my bed.

Initially, I found it taxing to lift the baby up from the crib for its dream feed and then place it back. But in the first week I got a hang of it. I could sense when she is hungry with the kind of noise she makes and lift her up immediately before she goes into war zone.

Sometimes, she would resist sleeping in her crib, so I would hold her for a while and walk around before gently placing her inside. We also got a crib toy for her, she started showing interest int he toy only recently, after she turned 3 months old.

The major advantage of having a closed crib, is I can still hug and sleep with my Husband, instead of co sleeping with our daughter throughout the night. It is also very unsafe to co- sleep.

With time, she kinda familiarized with the idea of having her own space and now she plays, does 360 degree rotation and get a full 11 hour night sleep (obviously with dream feeds).

For all the new Mom’s out there, wondering how to spend the nights , please get a crib. it’s a hell lot easier.

Like me, you can leave your baby unattended, while she has some self play time in her crib. Its perfectly safe and also gives an easy “Me – time”.

 The crib was custom made, and hand painted by me supported by family and friends.

Happy Sleepy Baby..!!!- Swaddling is a must!!

With the above secret, your most difficult day and night time is fully sorted.

P.S: “Do not stress about the sleep schedule of your child. Since the pre-historic era , Human babies are known to sleep and that fact is not gonna change in a billion years. Plus, there is no Oscar or Nobel Prize for a baby that sleeps though the night!!  “

Number 2:  The Play Time – “PLAY GYM”

The very first time, I saw a play gym was when I visited my friend’s son. He was around around 2 months old and was happily kicking the piano and was loving it.

At that moment I had my mind set on it for my future baby. And voila, when she turned 2 months old I got her a play gym.

From the moment, she got the idea of kicking around and listening to different sounds fro. The piano she was in love and I  couldn’t be more happier.

Now, that she is 3 and half months old, she is already doing a 360 degree turn and trying to crawl and hold her legs when we lift her up. That’s pretty impressive for an infant her age.

I got the play gym online from First Cry at s discounted price. There are many options and sellers available and I highly recommend getting a play gym as this will give you plenty of “me-time” between feeds and you don’t have to constantly entertain your infant.

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