My Pregnancy journey

Pregnancy is a beautiful phase where a woman transforms herself into a mother by overcoming many challenges physically and emotionally to bring a new life into existence.
My pregnancy journey was a roller coaster ride of emotions on which I had no control. My hormones had taken a toll on them. Luckily, I did not have nausea throughout my pregnancy.
I was a working woman up to the 8th month. I had to face office tensions and people’s opinions on how I should not travel for work, how it would affect my baby blah…blah… I would turn deaf ears on such opinions, for I had my own reasons to work. I wanted my mind and body to be active throughout. I believe Pregnancy is not a disease, rather it shows us our endurance to the beautiful transformation from a woman to a mother.
In the second trimester, I was gearing up for a lot of changes physically. Sometimes, I would feel a lot of energy gushing up and some days feel so low. This is where I felt my baby movements for the first time. And again I started getting advice on how the movements should be and how it should not be. I did not pay attention as always. I enjoyed my pregnancy here by filling myself positivity and by eating and staying healthy.
The third trimester was another major hurdle to cross. it was the beginning to 3 months of Sleepless nights, leg cramps, Anxiety, frequent doctor check-ups, packing the hospital bag, endless prayers and waiting for the moment.
Finally, after an emergency C section, she came out with a big cry and continues to fill our lives with joy and happiness. Touchwood…!!
PS: She is gonna be 4 years old in October. So this story is not that old… 

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