Three happy little steps to put a smile on your face during pregnancy

Stereotypes don’t take a lot of time to catch up, ergo, in today’s day and age, it’s still common to see pregnant women who hardly engage themselves in anything fun, getting used to staying physically inactive and end up feeling bored all through the day. Wondering if there’s an easy way out of this rout? Well as it turns out, there always is. It all starts with tugging on the fact that pregnancy doesn’t mean you’re any less of a woman you were a few months ago. Yes, understandably, health comes first but who says one can’t have fun at the same time?

Step 1 –

Keep yourself occupied (Product integration through board games etc.) :Imagine a schedule that’s filled to the brim with morning sickness, unexplainable cravings, and emotional roller coaster rides all the while being the centre of focus for everyone around you! Sounds overwhelming doesn’t it? The answer is a temporary lifestyle change, which in fact, could weigh-in and tip things towards the mommy to-be’s side if accepted as a perpetual lifestyle choice. How big a lifestyle change you ask? It’s simple, just stay occupied. It’s easy to mould one’s mind and tricking it by diverting its attention towards tasks that actually makes one happy.

Step 2 –

Workout-a-thon for the nine month marathon: Workouts are actually considered good during pregnancy, one just needs to be a tad bit cautious. Imagine heading out for a dive in the swimming pool on a dull, hot summer’s day, sipping on a glass of cool lemonade and hitting a few laps while you’re at it. Guess what? One could do that even during pregnancy! Physical activities actually prevent the infamous gestational diabetes that occurs during pregnancy and even help one build stamina for labour and delivery. Voila! Who knew this bit was so easy? Newly turned moms are in a constant state of worry over the weight they’ve gained over the past few months.  If the mission’s to get back in shape after delivery, something as easy as going out for light walk accompanied by your stroller at a nearby garden or park is one of the best ways to get your mind out of the boring routine, even better, tag your best friend along to catch up on each other’s schedule.

Step 3 –

When life gives your time, start pampering: Being happy by doing things that are bound to push ones smile triggers is again key during this period. Pampering oneself with cute little gifts, collectibles, books, gadgets, accessories, a massage or manicure-pedicure session works like a charm every time. It is scientifically proven that hormonal imbalance has a direct impact on mood and keeping oneself is probably one of the best ways to tackle it. Friends and family members can pitch in every once in a while and surprise the mom to-be with thoughtful little gifts.
Stay young even when things seem slow and boring. Don’t compromise on fun and never keep yourself inactive. Simple yet so effective, it’s always the smaller things that tend to bring about a paradigm shift in ones mood during pregnancy.

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