Train Journey!!!- A joy ride with your infant

Hello Again…

If you are reading this blog, then let me wish you luck for your upcoming journey.

Like every Mom, I was terrified by the idea of traveling with my 1.5-month-old daughter to visit my parents.

After a lot of deliberation, I had decided to opt for a train journey instead of flight. Now, the only thing that made me choose the train overflight is the thought of check-in and security process and I wasn’t sure if I would be able to handle the baby in the long lines.

Of course, if you are traveling by train that won’t be the problem. Someone can accompany you till your berth and you can settle down with ease. And also you can carry as much luggage as you want. Trust me with an infant, its like taking the entire nursery with you, each time you travel.

From her diaper bag, sleeping pad, clothes, feeding pillow, etc. the list goes on. So it was easy for me to travel by train.

I had booked my seat in the first class of Rajdhani and it was a day journey. I would recommend traveling during day time with your infant, it’s an enjoyable experience and also you wont have to stress about being up at night in an unfamiliar atmosphere.

The first class seats are broader than the regular seats and so it will be comfortable for both the Mother and the baby to lie together. Also, the attendant in the coach will help you with everything you need. I got extra towels, got my lunch made in the pantry and also boiled water for the journey.

In the first half-hour I was very anxious, filled with self-doubt, whether or not I made the right decision to travel, or if I was capable enough to make her happy throughout. As time passed, she simply would lay there in peace and feed, as usual, the movement of the train did the magic and kept her happy. I literally didn’t have to do anything, except feed and change.

I eased myself and looked outside the window and suddenly all the happy childhood memories came flooding in my mind. The card games, the twinkle, the puzzles, just gazing out the window infinitely. These little moments of joy brought so much happiness and I wondered if my parents would have over analyzed every decision they took, probably I would never have had those memories.

Sometimes, we try to control and overthink every situation, when it comes to our children, but if we just let it be, things will be simpler.

Let go and enjoy your journey!!! You are a great Mom even if your baby fusses a little or annoys everyone aboard, you are doing a great job.

Love you..!!!

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